Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Home Game League

Last Sunday was the TOC of the live league I have been running for the last 6 months. The league was fairly successful with 11 full-time members, with the TOC paying out $600 to first, $300 to second and $105 to third.

Here are the basic rules we used:

The Tournament of Champions will be held after 6 regular tournaments. To be eligible to be in the Tournament of Champions you must be a Full Member. A Full Member is any member that has paid in full the total TOC rake for the season. The number of entrants in the TOC will be determined by the number of Full Members of the Detroit Poker League.

Up to 11 Full Members = 5 top point earners in TOC with 3 places paying out.
12-13 Full members = 6 top point earners in TOC with 3 places paying out.
14-18 Full members = 8 top point earners in TOC with 3 places paying out.

3rd In the TOC will win total of 1 Full Members TOC Rake for current season.

All TOC Rake will be kept in the TOC pot, even if a player drops out during the season.

Point Structure for the TOC taken from Poker Stars Tournament Leader Board system.

To accumulate points towards the TOC, your TOC rake must be current.

Here are some of the issues we had:

People playing for points not to win the tourney, this started with the first tourney.

Non-League members taking advantage of the people playing for points.

People dropping out thinking they can’t make the TOC, not wanting to continue to pay the league rake. Usually after they missed a tourney.

Nobody wants to play anything other NL holdem standard tourneys.

Any suggestions would be appreciated; we plan to start again in January. We are considering a TOC that includes everyone or just winners of a tourney. A TOC with points leaders with more chips, etc. I am open to anything.


smokkee said...

GL in the BBTwo TOC. try not to get wambooozled.

HighOnPoker said...

Yo. Try contacting Jamie at Wall Street Poker for advice. He runs a great game complete with a detailed website, He also blogs at

His system involves a minimum % of games in order to qualify for the TOC. He had games weekly or twice weekly, with a LOT of players on the email list, but probably 10-15 "regulars". He set a 1/3 basis for qualification into the TOC. The top 10 players who played 1/3 of the games entered the TOC. He might have some advice for your game. He's a very friendly, helpful guy.

Good luck.

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