Friday, November 09, 2007

Is this thing on? tap..tap..Can anyone hear me?

I'm playing poker online more frequently now, so I decided that I should start this thing back up. I would be kidding if I said it had nothing to do with this. If its still missing, fill in my name for event #9 The Mookie. It also has to do with SteelerJosh posting a little more frequently also.

In my win of the Mookie at one point in the tourney, I was one of the big stacks at the table. Someone raised all in for under 900 chips. I was at about 8600 or so. I reraised (too big) to isolate, then the other big stack pushed all in. The 2 other people left in the hand both commented about their holdings giving me some more information. I would have 5000+ left if I fold, I think the other stack had me covered if I call. I felt extremely comfortable at this blind level with 5000+ stack, I also felt that the push over me was not a "move" (he had me covered but barely). These numbers are not exact, but with all the money involved I am getting the correct odds.

At this point I folded because I thought I was beat. I made a mistake with the size of my isolation raise, why compound it by making a 2nd mistake(although probably correct with any two oddswise) in the same hand. I quickly move past my mistake.

Fast forward to Riverchasers on Thursday. I raise in middle or early position to steal with some stupid hand like A3x. The raise with that hand was a tired raise, I was literally falling asleep playing. I havent stayed up for a tourney during the week and then have to work the next day in a long time. I was wiped out, plus we were in a hotel so my sleep was not good. Anyways I get reraised all in for all my chips, pots odds say call my gut says I am dominated. I fold again this time and I believe I was right. But this time I don't just shrug it off, I quickly donk it off in the next hand. I called an all in after a raise and a reraise with KX diamonds. I had no clue there was even another player left to act.

Point is, we are all going to make a mistake or four during a tourney, its how we limit those mistakes and then move on from them that allows us to be successful.

It feels so good to be back...


on_thg said...

Congrats on the win and welcome back!

STeelerJosh said...

What a surprise!!! (Not the win, the post)


mookie99 said...

Congrats on the big win! Sorry I wasn't around to witness title #2. I was "stuck" in Vegas.

Can you drop me a comment with your email address so I can send you the Champion Profile questions?


The Poker Grind said...

hey , tonight (sunday )im hosting a bloggerment on Full tilt at 10pm EST , its a $20+2 bounty tourney ...$15 of the buyin goes towards the prizepool and $5 goes towards each persons bounty , you get $5 for each person you knock out, password is thepokergrind , hope to see you there...alot of our fellow bloggers will be there so it should be a nice turnout

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